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Service clearance units require service clearance for. Verify fan coil unit flow rate meets manufacturer specifications. Electrical subsystem maintenance check that the compressor leads are securely fastened. Fan coil units are made up of three key components. Fan coil units fcu preventive maintenance schedule of planned preventive maintenance. May 24, 2019 preventive maintenance of aerco boilers include annual cleaning and startup and all necessary. Fma4x, fma4p fan coils are designed with application flexibility in mind and are suitable for closet and flush mount installations.

D3045 120 pm1 fan coil unit d3045 160 pm1 vav box with reheat coil d3045 160 pm2 vav box. If the unit is installed during the winter months, care must be taken so that the unit is not subject to freezing temperatures while filled with water during construction. This video presents the periodicplanned preventive maintenance ppm procedure and best practices for fan coil units fcus in hvac systems. City duct cleaning offers annual fan coil cleaning and maintenance programs for all types of units. Inspection, cleaning and disinfection if necessary should be completed tw. A fan coil unit consists of a copper coil, a fan and either a heating element or a cooling system that contains refrigerant. Installation operator maintenance varitrane singleduct. Fan coil unit d3045 160 pm1 vav box with reheat coil d3045 160 pm2 vav box. Cheetah fan coil unit instruction manual barbour product search. Preventative maintenance check list district energy. Sufficient clearance must be provided at the front of the fan coil to allow access to electrical controls and removal of the motor blower assembly for servicing. The coil sections for the selfcontained units shall be mechanically cleaned. The air conditioner used in a standard household as well as the fan wheel or coil fin in an air handling unit both.

Air handling unit preventive maintenance checklist pdf meta. Conditionbased maintenance is a type of preventive maintenance, whic. Longterm storage periodic checklist and logs air handling units 50. Fall preventive maintenance checklist for air handling units. The spacesaving hx series fan coil is only 10 high 11 with enclosure, allowing it to recess in a ceiling. Y 6 check condition and operation of fan motor including. April 18th, 2019 fall preventive maintenance checklist for air handling units fan coil. Eight steps to properly performing preventative maintenance on your fan coil unit fcu power off the fan coil unit and disconnect it from the.

Air conditioner maintenance ac maintenance carrier. Here are a few tips for maintaining your industrial. New vh vertical hirise, instructions for coil removal. Scheduled maintenance crotonharmon union free school. Ensuring your preventive maintenance checklist includes everything. Recessed ceiling fan coils save valuable floor space and eliminate costly equipment closets. Proper fan coil maintenance has the potential to save both property managers and condominium owners on utility expenses. Download our refrigeration maintenance fan coil check list pdf for a list of check points to be addressed. Aircooled condenser coils and the evaporator coils shall be cleaned using a high pressure spray to insure an absolutely clean surface for every row of tubes. Perform maintenance s ervice for diakin vrv system inverter air conditioner ceiling cassette unit located in service desk office room 9266. Jul 07, 2020 19 fan coil unit fcu operation and maintenance procedure monthly quarterly and annual maintenance schedules in addition to above mentioned air conditioning preventive maintenance procedures below is the list of monthly, quarterly and annual schedules for different type of systems and equipments. Our quality fan coil maintenance programs will keep your units running. Filter replacement coil and drain pan inspection cleaning, and replacement motor and drive inspection maintenance and replacement access panels are provided for inspection and cleaning of unit components.

With everything from beltdrive to ducted units and unique stackable configurations all in multiple models and capacities airstream. Preventative maintenance check list a preventive maintenance program is a way to increase the likelihood that all mechanical equipment is operating efficiently and using energy wisely. Pdf conditionbased maintenance of air handling units. Indoor unit either a furnace or a fan coil, the typical indoor unit houses an evaporator coil, blower fan and fan motor, and an air filter. Fan coil unit maintenance and cleaning water treatment services. Apr 23, 2018 hvac preventive maintenance schedules and checklists pdf 4232018 05.

If you have one unit that both cools and heats your home, you should plan on a maintenance check twice a year, in the spring and again in the fall, before you switch the systems over from one use to the other. Oct 18, 2019 excess moisture and the accumulation of debris on these coils can also reduce efficiency or cause the unit to stop working altogether. The hvac components not only supply heating and cooling to the house, but they are also a critical part of the health of the home. This includes the fan coil cabinet, discharge plenum and connecting ducts. Fan coil unit, ceilingwall hung dx unit enter tonnage of the unit into maintenance feeder. The preventative maintenance and the responsibility of the proposer shall not be limited only to. Enclosed is a request for quotation rfq for the preventive maintenance of the air handling unit at nec. Unit heaters power ventilators tube heaters general requirements for major preventive maintenance. Outdoor unit also called a condenser unit, the typical outdoor unit includes the large condensing coil that usually wraps around most of the unit, a compressor, a fan and motor and electronic controls. Affairs section aviation unit nau air conditioner units and provide a written report of the inspection to nau within 30 days of contract acceptance.

Fan coil units fcu preventive maintenance schedule of planned. Test unit in cooling and record temperature splits 10. Every 3 months change filters every 12 months vacuum out drain pans. Whenever any access panels are removed for inspection purposes they must be. Preventative maintenance for heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. Contractor will inspect all units for defective units or parts prior to beginning routine preventive maintenance initial inventory attached. Vavsvn01een 5 digit 27, 28, 29electric heat kw 000 none 050 0. Spring, the perfect time for fan coil maintenance irsl.

Coils damaged due to freezing are not covered by the warranty. Temperature control is usually achieved by using either an automatic thermostat, or a manual onoff switch. Foaming coil cleaner on condenser coils instructions for using puraclean filter spray clean and treat the condensate flow path check the indoor fan coil unit for air leaks check for free spinning operation of the blower and fan motors section 6. Listed for installation with zero inches clearance to combustible materials. Aug 21, 20 before the cold weather arrives, now is the best time to schedule a preventive maintenance appointment for your air handling units fan coil units. Fall preventive maintenance checklist for air handling. Units can be selected with either one hydronic circuit 2pipe or two hydronic circuits 4pipe coil connections. With everything from beltdrive to ducted units and unique stackable configurations all in multiple models and capacities airstream units offer exceptional flexibility and availability. Regularly check for refrigerant leaks and broken or chipped fan blades. Preventive maintenance contract scope of work for air. Inspect and clean protective finish annually galvanized. The following is a typical maintenance schedule for a classroom fan coil unit. Fan coil replacement and maintenance canadian design and.

Condensing unit or heat pump unit d3035 240 pm1 watertowater heat pump d3044 110 pm1 duct coil. All fan coil units require regular maintenance to ensure their proper operation. It is therefore very important to leave adequate space around the access areas to make maintenance as easy as it can be. Hvac systems are a technical and critical part of any inspection. The pm standards section contains the maintenance tasks to be performed for specific types of equipment and describes the frequency of that work. The standards are organized alphabetically by the pm basic name that is written on pm work orders. Fan coil units carrier commercial systems north america. Settings should be checked and adjusted to prevent excessive run. The importance of fan coil unit preventive maintenance. Hvac preventive maintenance schedules and checklists pdf. Hvac preventive maintenance schedules and checklists pdf 4232018 05. Johnson controls offers a broad selection of fan coil units designed for quiet, energysaving operation. Aircooled condenser coils and the evaporator coils shall be cleaned using.

No other selection of fan coils is more complete than carriers airstream product line. Monthly quarterly and annual preventive maintenance schedules in addition to above mentioned preventive maintenance procedures below is the list of monthly, quarterly and annual schedules for different type of systems and equipments including plumbing and firefighting systems. The hx series is compatible with most splitsystem condensing units and heat pumps heat pumps with electric. All hx fan coils include a 24024v transformer and are completely prewired with 0 to 10 kw of electric heat. Air cooled condensing unit dx coil split system applications and piping guidelines. Solicitation number sbn15016q0008 air handling unit at nec the embassy of the united states of america invites you to submit a quotation for the preventive maintenance of air handling unit at nec. As part of an hvac system found in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, a fan coil unit is often connected to ductwork and a thermostat to regulate the temperature of one or more spaces as well as assisting the main air handling unit for each space. Understanding the difference between a fan coil and an. A fan coil unit fcu, also known as a vertical fan coilunit vfc, is a device consisting of a heat exchanger coil and a fan.

Equipment details fan coil units fcu preventive maintenance. Fan coil units are an integral part of the buildings heating and cooling system and require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation and healthy indoor air quality. Lubricate all the moving parts, except the ball bearings. Basic series fan coil units are single room air conditioners designed for cooling and heating load capabilities of 400 to 800 cfm. Thermostats, pressure controllers, relays, limit switches, valve. It is important to understand and inspect the hvac components as a system. Preventative maintenance is a planned activity to clean, inspect, and test heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment to ensure they run efficiently, reliably, and have a long service life. Download preventive maintenance plans procedures checklists.

This will help you to use your unit for a long time. Hvac annual preventative maintenance checklist have a plan. Fan coil unit preventive maintenance preventive maintenance schedule airhandling unit. Maintenance 55 motors fan wheel filter water coil fan motor replacement. To determine certified indooroutdoor matches, go to. With our base service, we ensure our technicians test for leaks and that the electrical connections are clean and properly connected on your fan coil units. Electric heater coil 450test pressure made in jordan manufacturingyear kw a psig kw kw kw kw a a.

Fan coil units are a highly efficient means of turning a water chiller or hot water boiler into an efficient, quiet air conditioning system. The successful bidder contractor is responsible to perform periodic routine preventive maintenance and repair of all accepted air conditioner units and will report, monthly, on each unit status and all work performed. Y y 4 check pipework and connections, especially for leaks. Call crockett facilities services today to get a preventative maintenance quote for your hvac system call 202. If you would like to submit a proposal, follow the instructions in section 4 of the. Check fan screens, inlet louvers, fans and dry cooler coil. Filter water coil fan motor replacement installation of diffusers56 tbar ceiling concealed spline ceiling drywallplaster. Williams fan coil units are suitable for zero clearance to combustible material. The following is a list of common tasks that most manufacturers recommend for certain equipment. Installation operator maintenance varitrane singleduct and. Fan coil unit maintenance everything you need to know. Filters, fans and coils need periodic cleaning to maintain their correct level of performance. Instruction manual cheetah fan coil unit original instructions 3 1. Every fan coil is controlled by a manual onoff switch or by a thermostat, and also.

Feb 23, 2021 19 fan coil unit fcu operation and maintenance procedure part 2. Hvac installation inspection checklist forms excel sheets. Fan coil units provide air conditioning and heating in newer buildings with a central heatingcooling system. Preventive maintenance plans d2025 260 pm1 gas water heater d2025 260 pm2 oil water heater. Fan coil maintenance and cleaning programs save energy. Rotate the fan wheels by hand and assure no parts are rubbing. A pm work order to perform quarterly maintenance on an hvac fan coil unit will show the. Fan coil units fan coil units all fan coils require regular maintenance.

Our units offer flexible airflow configurations in a variety of configurations. Maintain mechanical prevantative mechanical maintenance fan coil units. This unit must be installed in a manner which will allow the blower panel to be removed in order to clean the coil surface, blower, or motor. The units are super quiet because the only moving par t is the fan. Cheetah is a purpose built range of comfort conditioning fan coil units. The basic series fan coil design is for the market that requires only. Y y 5 check unit mounting, fixings and for unusual vibrations. Depending on the type of installation, some fan coils. Prior to installation check to make sure unit is as ordered and that the fan rotates freely. In order to extend the life of the unit and prevent extremely costly repairs or the replacement of your fcus, its important to perform regular preventative maintenance. Fan coil unit tech data sheets bulk online version. Test point installed across coil regulating valve open to 100% or flow limiting valve cartridges installed flowreturn isolating valves installed on each coil and set in operational position high point air vents and low point drains installed on chwhhw pipework correct control valve installed on return, direction correct and operational.

Dwdi fan airfoil backward curved type optional pah 4. Fan coil units services and preventative maintenance packages. Frequency maintenance greatly depends on the surrounding conditions inside and outside of the building. Vh perimeter intake, instructions for reinstallation of control enclosure door assy. Inspect and clean protective finish inside and out side.

Preventive maintenance plans d2025 260 pm1 gas water heater. Chemical coil cleaning of the stulz dry coolers and scot pump package on the penthouserooftop level of one metro center. Unit ventilator ahu rtu ptac major preventive maintenance checklist. Air handling units operation and maintenance manual form. Visually inspect the outside and inside of the unit. The impact of dirty fan coil units in your refrigeration system. If your fcu does not have oil tubes see your operating manual for lubrication instructions.

A lot of energy is wasted by not having the units set back when the building is unoccupied. Sep 24, 2019 equipment details fan coil units fcu preventive maintenance. Pdf faults in air handling units are detrimental to both indoor conditions. Fan coil units services and preventative maintenance packages maintain mechanical prevantative mechanical maintenance fan coil units with our base service, we ensure our technicians test for leaks and that the electrical connections are clean and properly connected on your fan coil units. You can find the unit behind a panel in the wall in each suite, controlled by a wall mounted thermostat. Recommended periodic maintenance of the belt drive unit blower assembly is lubrication of the motor if required and inspection of the drive belt for wear and. Fan coil relay board fcrb installation, operation and maintenance. The best way to maintain fan coils and evaporator coils in an air conditioning unit is to take preventative measures. Examine the blower fan for movement, wear and tear and dust.

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