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Sep 11, 2020 mounting evidence suggests that neural ensembles can give rise to states of activity that are stable and attractor like over a short period 18. Given evidence in the form of a static input, the an settles to an asymptotic state an interpretationthat is as consistent as possible with the evidence and with implicit knowledge embodied in the network connectivity. Attractor neural networks douglas and martin, 2007. Localist attractor networks neural computation mit press. Attractor neural networks and spatial maps in hippocampus attractor neural network theory has been proposed as a theory for longterm memory. Recent studies of hippocampal place cells, including a study by leutgeb et al. The theory of attractor neural networks has been influential in our. Pdf learning a continuous attractor neural network from real.

Nov 29, 2019 aligning with neural networks, a hopfield attractor based encryption scheme has proposed in this work. Attractor dynamics of spatially correlated neural activity in. As a special class of hybrid systems, switched neural network systems are composed of a family of continuoustime or discrete time subsystems and a rule that orchestrates the switching among the subsystems. An attractorbased complexity measurement for boolean. This configuration of activity is then learned via hebbian synaptic modifications. A cann holds a continuous family of localized stationary states, called bumps. Tracking changing stimuli in continuous attractor neural. What is the difference between attractor and recurrent. Attractor networks oxford centre for computational neuroscience.

Attractor neural networks and spatial maps in hippocampus. On a range of tasks, we show that the sdrnn outperforms a generic rnn as well as a variant of the sdrnn with attractor dynamics on the hidden state but without the auxillary loss. These type of recurrent networks are therefore frequently called point attractor neural networks anns. We formulate a detailed, biologically flavoured, neural network, composed of three sub networks.

A hopfield network will always converge to a stable state, and every stored memory is an attractor having an area surrounding it termed its basin of attraction hop82. These networks can maintain the bubble of neural activity. The first we will look at is the hopfield network, an artificial neural network. However, rnns are typically viewed as black boxes, despite considerable interest. In general, the switched rule is a piecewise constant function dependent on the state or time.

Compared with other attractor models, such as the hopfield network, the most prominent character of a. With the help of stochastic analysis technology, the lyapunovkrasovskii functional method, linear matrix inequalities technique lmi, and the average dwell time approach adt, some novel sufficient conditions. Canns have been successfully applied to describe the encoding of continuous stimuli in neural systems, including orientation, headdirection 14, moving direction 15 and self location 16. This study investigates the tracking dynamics of continuous attractor neural networks canns. A schematized representation of a 50 neuron attractor network where different memories represented by capital letters are displayed on a twodimensional hamming unit metric. We now extend this analysis in a number of directions. Attractor networks for shape recognition neural computation. J 11 x 1 lj ij ij nl j1 1 where 11 0, 1 indicates whether neuron j has fired in the first iteration, lij 0,1 indicates whether a connection exists from neuron j to neuron i and wij denotes. Dynamics and computation of continuous attractors neural. Due to the translational invariance of neuronal recurrent interactions, canns can hold a continuous family of stationary states. The transitions that occur from one neural state to another while a network is in a dynamic attractor comprise selfsustained activity. In attractor networks, an attractor or attracting set is a closed subset of states a toward which the. External stimuli may bias neural activity to one attractor state or cause activity to transition between several discrete states.

Bump circuits and ring attractors zhang, sompolinsky, seung and others. In this paper, we study the as yet unsolved class of symmetrically diluted attractor neural networks with. Attractorstate itinerancy in neural circuits with synaptic. However, designing a net to have a given set of attractors is notoriously tricky. Markov transitions between attractor states in a recurrent. Pdf terminal attractors in neural networks zak then. The choice for neural networks is inspired by the inherent stability. Itinerancy between attractor states in neural systems. Part of the perspectives in neural computing book series perspect. Attractor neural networks as models of semantic memory. Continuous attractor is a promising model for describing the encoding of continuous stimuli in neural systems. Dec 18, 2015 continuous attractor neural networks canns are widely used as a canonic model to describe the encoding of continuous features, such as headdirection, moving direction, orientation or spatial location of an object, in the brain. Memory states and transitions between them in attractor neural networks stefano recanatesi stefano.

In this sense, the definition of an attractor requires the infinite input stream context to be properly formulated. Attractor neural networks nns have been proposed 1, 2 as a first, abstract, model of the neocortex. Attractor dynamics of spatially correlated neural activity in the. Nodes in the attractor network converge toward a pattern that may either be fixedpoint, cyclic, chaotic or random. State space ring attractor ring attractor point attractors point attractors limit cycle torus attractor sheet attractor a b figure 1 a in a neural network with an energy function, the state of the network goes spontaneously downhill and eventually settles into some attractor states, which correspond to local energy minima. Learning and retrieval in recurrent neural networks with unsupervised hebbian learning rules. An esn is an artificial recurrent neural network rnn. Seen in ndimensions in which n is the number of units in the model, the state can be seen as a position. Optimal signalling in attractor neural networks 487 the input field observed by neuron i as a result of the initial activity is n j loci w. Classification result sorted in descending order of probability.

Bump circuits and ring attractors zhang, sompolinsky, seung and others headdirection cells. We address the problem of stochastic attractor and boundedness of a class of switched cohengrossberg neural networks cgnn with discrete and infinitely distributed delays. Anticipative tracking in twodimensional continuous attractor. We introduce attractor dynamics into an echo state network in a selforganized way by applying a differential heb bian rule to its feedback. Jun 01, 2001 these activate the recurrent network, which is then driven by the dynamics to a sustained attractor state, concentrated in the correct class subset and providing a form of working memory. Spike frequency adaptation implements anticipative tracking. Pdf spike frequency adaptation implements anticipative. Jordan university of california, berkeley, ca 94720, u. Tracking changing stimuli in continuous attractor neural networks. We study the probabilistic generative models parameterized by feedforward neural networks. This seems to be analogous to the dynamical behaviour of feedback neural networks, which converge into attractors, theoretically defined as stable states in. We believe this architecture is more transparent than standard feedforward twolayer networks and has stronger biological analogies. Continuous attractors of nonlinear neural networks with.

Nodes in the attractor network converge toward a pattern that may either be fixedpoint a single state, cyclic with regularly recurring states, chaotic locally but not globally unstable or random. Olshausen october 25, 2006 abstract this handout describes recurrent neural networks that exhibit socalled attractor dynamics. Analysis of an attractor neural networks response to conflicting. The cann is a network model for neural information representation in which stimulus information is encoded in firing patterns of neurons, corresponding to stationary states attractors of the network. Attractor nets, or ans, are dynamical neural networks that converge to fixedpoint attractor states figure 1 a. Biological neural networks are typically recurrent.

Discreteattractorlike tracking in continuous attractor. The attractor dynamics are trained through an auxillary denoising loss to recover previously experienced hidden states from noisy versions of those states. Each attractor state is a specific pattern of activity of the network that is. Nonhermitian quasilocalization and ring attractor neural networks hidenori tanaka1,2 and david r.

Attractor networks have largely been used in computational neuroscience to model neuronal processes such as associative memory and motor behavior, as well as in biologically inspired methods of machine learning. Memory states and transitions between them in attractor. Attractor dynamics of spatially correlated neural activity. Oct 01, 2016 converging evidence from neural, perceptual and simulated data suggests that discrete attractor states form within neural circuits through learning and development. Pdf continuous attractor neural networks canns have been. Integrated deep visual and semantic attractor neural networks. These observations are reminiscent of line attractor dynamics. We provide a novel refined attractor based complexity measurement for boolean recurrent neural networks that represents an assessment of their computational power in terms of the significance of their attractor dynamics. Recently, experimental evidence of attractor states has.

Attractor networks have largely been used in computational neuroscience to model. The noise network also stores a number of attractor states the noise states. Investigations of neural attractor dynamics in human visual. The full state of the neural network, which is quite large and unwieldy. In other words, an attractor of a boolean neural network is a set of states such that the behaviour of the network could eventually become forever confined to that set of states. Nelson3 1department of applied physics, stanford university, stanford, ca 94305, usa 2school of engineering and applied sciences and kavli institute for bionano science and technology, harvard university, cambridge, ma 028, usa 3departments of physics and molecular and cellular biology. These architectures are thought to learn complex relationships in input sequences, and exploit this structure in a nonlinear fashion. In a continuous attractor, the stationary states of the neural system form a continuous parameter space, on which the system is neutrally stable. Research article attractor and boundedness of switched.

Recurrent neural networks usually rely on either transient or attractor dynamics to implement working memory, and some studies suggest that it requires a combination of the two. Recurrent neural networks rnns are a widely used tool for modeling sequential. Attractor and boundedness of switched stochastic cohen. However, during the replay of previous experiences, hippocampal neurons show a discontinuous sequence in which discrete transitions of the. An attractor network is a type of recurrent dynamical network, that evolves toward a stable. Jul, 2018 the distributed approach can be implemented as an attractor network model 27, a dynamic recurrent neural network in which patterns corresponding to concept semantics gradually emerge through. In addition to the stored memories, also other, nonmemory states exist as stable states local minima of the network ags85. The current idea is that to induce transitions in attractor neural networks, it is necessary to extinguish the current memory. The associative memory implemented by such networks has interesting features such as the. Example lstm hidden state activity for a network trained on sentiment classi. Pdf selforganized dynamic attractors in recurrent neural.

Attractor neural network approaches in the memory modeling. These activate the recurrent network, which is then driven by the dynamics to a sustained attractor state, concentrated in the correct class subset and providing a form of working memory. Each possible state of the network has an energy given by. Abstract continuous attractor neural networks canns are emerging as promising models for describing the encoding of continuous stimuli in neural systems. Spike frequency adaptation implements anticipative tracking in. Let us replace eqns 39 and 40 by the not by external inputs. An attractor neural network model of recall and recognition. Attractor dynamics in networks with learning rules inferred. An attractor network is a type of recurrent dynamical network, that evolves toward a stable pattern over time.

However, given the range of timescales of neural processes, either slower processes or intrinsic noise typically ensures that an activity state does not remain stable for more than a few hundred milliseconds, even when a stimulus is constant. These memory states are represented in a distributed system and are robust to the death of individual neurons. The transitions that occur from one neural state to another while a network is in a. Rnns are characterized by feedback recurrent loops in their synaptic connection pathways. Topologically, these networks are similar to the neocortex in having a large number of recurrent connections, but if they approximate the dynamics of cortex is still an open question.

Frontiers models of innate neural attractors and their. Attractor memory mechanisms encode information by increasing the activity of a subset of neurons. Attractor networks, which map an input space to a discrete output space, are useful for pattern completioncleaning up noisy or missing input features. Due to the translational invariance of their neuronal interactions, canns can hold. Reverse engineering recurrent networks for sentiment. Such fixedpoint attractor dynamics is likely important for some tasks. Selforganized dynamic attractors in recurrent neural networks. In memory systems of the brain, these attractor states may represent continuous pieces of information such as spatial locations and head directions of animals. For example, the bam bidirectional associative network is a recurrent network.

Spike frequency adaptation implements anticipative. Information is usually stored by introducing a xed point attractor into the network state space. In attractor networks, neural activity selforganizes to reach stable states. They form a continuous manifold in which the neural system is neutrally stable. The mixed network is another attractor network, which receives input from both the memory and noise networks, according to.

Neural abstract we introduce a particular attractor neural network ann with a learning rule able to store sets of patterns with a twolevel ultrametric structure, in order to model human semantic memory operation. We show that the optimal signal activation function has a slanted sigmqidal. Continuous attractor neural networks generate a set of smoothly connected attractor states. We introduce a novel mechanism capable of inducing transitions between memories where similarities between memories are actively exploited by the neural dynamics to retrieve a new memory. An attractor network contains a set of n nodes, which can be. This state denoised recurrent neural network sdrnn performs multiple steps of internal processing for each external sequence step. We solve a class of attractor neural network models with a mixture of 1d nearest. They can maintain an ongoing activation even in the absence of input and thus exhibit dynamic memory. Attractor networks, a bit of computational neuroscience. The parameter sensitivity, random similarity and learning ability have been instrumental in choosing this attractor for performing confusion and diffusion. State key laboratory of neurobiology, chinese academy of sciences, shanghai 200031, china.

Attractor dynamics in networks with learning rules inferred from in. Information is usually stored by introducing a xed point attractor into the network state. Dynamic neural networks have an extensive armamentarium of behaviors, including dynamic attractors finite state oscillations, limit cycles, and chaosas well as fixedpoint attractors stable states and the transients that arise between attractor states. A stimulus, when shown to the neural network assembly, elicits a configuration of activity specific to that stimulus. Markov transitions between attractor states in a recurrent neural. In figure 1, states of individual neurons are plotted vs. The bam can be understood as developing attractor states. The model could be based on rst principles if the system is well understood, but here we assume knowledge of just the time series and use a neural network based, blackbox model. Nonhermitian quasilocalization and ring attractor neural. Attractor dynamics in feedforward neural networks lawrence k. This complexity measurement is achieved by first proving a computational equivalence between boolean recurrent neural networks and some specific class of automata, and then translating the most refined classification of automata to the boolean neural network context.

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