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If you want a solid alternative to an actual sega controller, and you want an excellent dpad for fighting games andor retro games, then consider this your goto controller in that regard. M30 is designed to play all of segas classics but with added modern features like turbo functionality mapping and usbc. User manual instruction guide for 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gamepad m30 shenzhen 8bitdo tech co. I own a couple other 8bitdo controllers and have been considering dipping into the genesis library recently, so i figured the timing was perfect to put the new gamepad through its paces. Mar 18, 2019 thankfully 8bitdo have taken a page from their own book. He was acquired on aliexpress, loja 8bitdo official store. I was able to create an autoconfig profile but it only worked for one core. Wait a few seconds until the whole backup is made and disconnect the usb drive when finished. Video explicativo sobre as diferencas entre os controles da 8bitdo m30 e 2. M30 bluetooth works with switch,windows,android,raspberry pi,macos as well as all devices 8bitdo bluetooth receivers support. The 8bitdo m30 is a wireless bluetooth controller compatible with android, mac os, windows, steam, raspberry pi and nintendo switch with additional support for sega mega drive, nes, snes and nes classic with the use of additional receivers. With the 8bitdo m30 bluetooth wireless controller, you can now play your original sega genesis mega drive games wirelessly. Nes 30th anniversary gamepad edition, retro design, same touch, same feeling.

We want all buyers to understand there is possibility that. I need to configure the gamepad everytime i turn on the raspberry pi 4 model b with 2 gb because i cant pair the gamepad with retropie when i turn on the pi. With the 8bitdo smartphone clip, you can turn your m30 into a dedicated mobile game system. Having done a backup, you can safely flash the microsd with the latest image. If you go into windows controller testing, youll see that some of the face butons register as analogue triggers despite not being analogue. M30 controller malfunction hi 8bitdo, i purchased the 2. Its main use would be for retroarch and man, it sure was a struggle trying to map controls properly for stuff like the saturn and genesis cores. Compatible with windows, android, macos, steam, switch. Finally, i could configure the 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gamepad for retropie 4. S, they have made a retro receiver for the db9 controller port of the mega drive. N30 pro and f30 pro contents hide 1 instruction manual 1. Review 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gamepad estilo mega drive. Ive had alot more issues with the snes not classic adapter paired with real snes controllers and the diy kit. Fcc id application submitted by shenzhen 8bitdo tech co.

Name last modified size description parent directory m30 2. Windows, android, macos, steam, switch original sega genesis mega drive with optional bluetooth controller adapter sold separately. Compatible with nearly all smartphones play any game, anywhere 8bitdo controllers are designed to be as versatile as possible with each of your modern devices. Mar 05, 2019 the 8bitdo m30 is a bluetooth gamepad designed for a very specific type of gamer. In 8bitdo and retroflag controllers, you have to set dinput mode for all buttons to be recognized. Feb 28, 2019 first off, i want to start by saying that the 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gamepad feels great and performs very well. Preorder po if title has preorder, we will ship out as soon as released. Compatibility windows, android, macos, steam, switch controller mode. Press start to open options menu, then go to tools backup and press a. Super nintendo entertainment system collection page video. If you wish to help us increase our controllers input mapping database, please follow these stepts.

May 20, 2019 8bitdo m30 design and features the m30 resembles the classic genesis 6button controller, albeit with less sharp handles. Jun 15, 2019 the 8bitdo m30 bluetooth is a gamepad style mega drive to switch, windows, android, macos, steam, raspberry pi and other systems. The m30 is being released alongside the mega sg with a 2. Fixed the button issues on wiiu pro and 8bitdo m30 bluetooth controller. Help with my 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gamepad retropie forum. The controller was purchased on oct 3, 2019 from amazon us. The missing manual, documentation for 8bitdo gamepad controllers initial focus the nes30n30f30. New 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gamepad for sega genesis mega drive. Compatibility windows, android, macos, steam, switch original sega genesis mega drive with optional bluetooth controller adapter sold separately. We need to wait a few seconds after entering each command to setup the controller correctly pair e4. What is the difference between m30 bluetooth, m30 2. New 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gamepad for sega genesis mega. Instruction manual bluetooth connection controllers will auto reconnect to your devices once they have been paired android dinput 1. Both the dpad and the buttons sit in circular hollows in the controller.

I try to remap the controls in the steam controller settings which steam identifies as an xbox one controller btw but the r button simply goes unrecognized. In general their quality has been pretty high, and the combination of retro. Trade 8bitdo m30 genesis controller genesis with 1 people who have it and 1 who want it. It looks and feels like a wireless version of the sega genesismega drives sixbutton. Unfortunately, many of the early units suffer from connection issues and unlike the m30 bluetooth edition, there is no obvious way to update the 2. For the past handful of years, 8bitdo has been bringing retro controllers and adapters to its fans at a regular clip. This opens the system up to not just the m30, but every one of 8bitdo s other bluetooth controllers along with ps3, ps4, xb1 and more. Mar 18, 2021 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gaming controller 6 button mega drive style gamepad rasp condition new brand 8bitdo release dateyyyymmdd note. To buy 8bitdo m30 bluetooth gamepad banggood th anniversary. So we type following commands to connect to discovered controller with mac adress e4. The 8bitdo user manual says that only the abxy buttons can be re mapped from the controller itself.

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