Shimano nexus 8-speed service manual

Upgrade your ride with this easy to install, smooth, and durable shimano 3 speed wheel set. Sep 03, 2012 here i explain with pictures the stepbystep procedure for converting the shimano alfine 8speed hub to an oil bath, using atf fluid. Service manual shimano nexus 3speed hub retrocyklo. Apr 27, 2018 shimano nexus 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8speed hubs are currently in production as of 2014. Also you replace the oil at most once a year or every 5000km, not more often. Shimano nexus inter8 dealers manual pdf download manualslib. The table of contents below is a clickable image map. Nexus 3, 5, 7 and 8speed hubs are currently in production as of 2014, the 4speed has been dropped. Alfine hubs feature fancy features including optional hydraulic disc brakes and electronic shifting. The reliable shimano nexus 8speed hub gear with coasting is operated via a comfortable twist grip on the handlebar.

Maintenance manual maintenance 3, 7, and 8speed disassembly assembly to perform maintenance on the 3, 7, 8speed nexus and 8speed alfine hubs, the internal unit first needs to wb maintenance oil be removed from the hub. Jan 05, 2021 the shimano alfine hub basically replaces an 8 speed cassette in a 1238 tooth configuration, and it can only do this by using a 20 tooth sprocket. Shimano published a nexus dealer s manual now archived, with most of the needed information about nexus 5, 7 and 8speed hubs. I was challenged by my viewers to try to reassemble the shimano nexus 8 speed hub that i disassembled in my last video. While turning the hub shell counterclockwise slightly, place it onto the internal assembly. Turn the brake arm unit upside down and hold the two bevelled surfaces of the hub axle on the sprocket. How to convert a shimano alfine 8 speed internal gear hub. English dmcasg00100 nexus sgc6001 sgc6011 sbc60008 dealers manual road mtb trekking city touring comfort bike urban sport ebike nexus inter8. Neither the shop nor shimano used enough grease and oil for nw weather. The vogue mio is a colorful ebike with the shimano nexus 8 speed gears. The nexus 8speed system delivers a high level of design, quality and function. Right hand dust cap y34r 98110 grease y041 20600 this completes assembly of the inter8 hub. As the name suggests, there are eight gears packed into a hub weighing about 1. Shimano nexus 8 if you choose the granville, you can choose from 3 variants, of which 1 model with a shimano nexus hub gear is equipped with 8 gears.

Shimano nexus alfine 8 speed axle subassembly instructions. You may read shimano nexus 8 speed hub service manual online either download. I dont know how the 11speed compares but shimano could have used a higher element count roller clutch design, not for torque capacity, but to improve engagement reliability or used a different type of onewayclutch design ill bet the cheap nexus nonredline 8speed with the ratcheting onewayclutch never has slip issues. Some parts may not exactly match the drawings or pictures. The shimano hub gear is a gear as everyone knows it. Shimano cycling y8jk98010 nexus brim45r left hand washer unit for b.

The maximum speed for the vogue excellent is 25 km h, and you use shimano nexus 8 gears. Shimano nexus 8speed hub service manual sheldon brown. View shimano s manufacturing technologies, enthusiasm for design and craftsmanship, ir information, recruitment information, and social activities. Shop our extensive range online or call us for customised service to get you on the road or outdoors faster. If you are looking for parts for these hubs contact us. Also, the derailleur has less loss and higher load. The hub has been serviced twice, in about 2011 and 20, using the expensive shimano oil bath at the local bike shop. Nexus inter8 bicycle accessories pdf manual download. Internal gear hubs edit shimano nexus inter 3 hub laced with spokes and mounted on a bicycle. Also, for carrying out maintenance, the use of shimano internal geared hub. By november 2006, the nexus range came in several ranges inter 3, inter 7 and inter 8 providing 3, 7 and 8 speed models respectively. For rohloff there is a separate cleaning oil which i think has lower viscosity than the lubrication oil. Jan 16, 2016 the 8 speed alfine nexus hubs are a mixed bag, with a highly variable efficiency, lower in most gears, but exceeding even the rohloff by peaking at 96% in the 7th gear. How to service a 2012 shimano alfine 8 speed hub and why its not a good idea to dunk the internals in oil when you service it.

Page 1 si7bf0b service instructions page 2 the dh3nb1qr and dh3rb1qr hub dynamos are for use will damage the unit surfaces. Shimano published a nexus dealers manual now archived. Alfine 11 speeds alfine 8 speeds nexus 8 speed sg8r36 nexus 5 speeds nexus 3 speed disc sg3d55 nexus 3 speed cassette joint sg3r75. This hub gear is very lowmaintenance and therefore perfectly suited to riders who want to deal tend to gear maintenance as little as possible.

Many technical advances have been achieved, like incorporating shimano s unique gear change support mechanism that makes a real low effort shifting. Shimano nexus 8 speed hub reassembly putting it back. Shimano nexus brake lever promax, rc903 tires schwalbe big apple, 50622 spokes niro 2 mm front hub shimano dhc3000, hub dynamo rear hub shimnao nexus 8speed freewheel sprocket shimano 18 tooth chain kmc z610ept, antirust inner bearing thun topaz, squarecut crank wheel set lasco aluminium, 170 mm, 38 tooth gear ratio front. Jul 25, 2015 i recently changed the shifter cable on my bicycle, which has a shimano 8speed alfine internal gear hub, and a twist shifter nexus revoshift.

For shimano nexus alfine you are supposed to use the same oil for cleaning and lubrication. Shimano s nexus inter8 hub has all the same benefits but with an extra gear for an even wider range, equivalent to an 14 cassette, so better for hillier terrain, although some of the gear steps are a little wider as a result. Replacing shifter cable for shimano nexus revo shift 8. Shimano nexus 8 speed hub service manual pdf free download.

Jtek shifter for shimano nexus and alfine 8 speed hubs. Shimano nexus 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8speed hubs are currently in production as of 2014. Or, if you need to clean the insides after water has entered the hub. As well, on our site you can read the manuals and another art ebooks online. Shimano nexus 7 qr front wheel which side of the fork does the fat washer go.

Do not use them with any other roughly 1 minute after stopping the bicycle, the energy saving bicycles. In conclusion, the rohloff speedhub has the a greatest range, it has a higher or equal efficiency in every gear, and is the best of all internal gear hubs in this test. Shimano nexus 8 hub gear problems cyclechat cycling forum. In the basic instructions below we show the main points for attention. The doublewalled aluminum of the rims ensures that they wear less quickly. Shimano nexus service instructions manual pdf download. The range of this electric bicycle is between 70 and 120 kilometers with a fully charged battery. There are also shimano s service manuals click on show all document types and then enable sm again to view the list of hub gear service manuals 3 speed, 5 speed ebike, 7 speed, 8 speed, 11 speed. Nexus is a family of parts, of which the nexus inter 4 fourspeed hub is one. Shimano provides pdfs of the dealer manuals, with details on how to install, and uninstall. It has a roller brakeas pictured comes with chain and installation kit with locking washers. Hold the two bevelled surfaces of the hub axle on the brake arm side in a vice and remove the dust cap with a screwdriver. This is a useful procedure if your hub is showing some resistance. In addition, do not use any hub dynamos other than function is activated and the liquid crystal display turns off.

The nexus 8speed transmission offers an excellent range of gears equivalent to an 14. My old shimano nexus 8 speed has been running well since 2004 in my commute bike. I thought i would document it for myself, with pictures. Unfourtunately, the only way to fix this hub is replacement. Can somebody share pictures of a nexus alfine please. Page 2 the dh3nb1qr and dh3rb1qr hub dynamos are for use will damage the unit surfaces. The wheel was used for about miles but still has a. Alfine is a highend product line with 8 and 11speed hubs. The series is primarily aimed at the comfort market such as urban commuters and tourers, and as such is not made to withstand the rigours of offroad or mountain biking.

Our designers have updated the conventional internal hub with a refreshing. Shimano nexus 4 service manual parts list 20 sg8c20 shimano. The same 4019 ratio gives a bottom gear as low as 30 inches and a top of 92 inches. Shimano nexus internal geared rear hub coaster brake o. Because the fourspeed hub only gears up, it needs a smaller. A cheaper but heavier at 96 grams alternative to the original design. Assembly instructions for the shimano nexus alfine 8 speed axle subassembly click here for more detailed, accurate and large cad dawings. How to convert a shimano alfine 8 speed internal gear hub to. Most complete page about the shimano alfine inter 11 internal. Most complete page about the shimano alfine inter 11. While pushing down carrier unit 2, insert the stop ring into.

The procedure is relatively straight forward, and if you use widely available atf fluid, it can be very cheap too. If you bring us your bike we can preemptivly weatherize your hub and avoid expensive repairs. Shimano nexusalfine 3, 4, 7, 8, and 11speed technical. Shimano nexus 8 speed hub service manual squarespace.

Shimano sgs501 alfine 8 speed hub this hub was used for about 3 years. Selling a used shimano nexus 8 speed hub laced to 700c sunrims cr18 wheel. Shimano nexus is a brand of bicycle components which includes products such as epicyclical gear hubs, cranksets, shifters, brake levers, hub brakes, hub dynamos, and a cpu for automatically changing gears. Jtek bar end shifter for shimano nexus and alfine 8 speed hubs. Shimano nexus 8 speed internally geared hub with roller brake this hub was ridden less than one year in seattle. Click the right side of detail pages for next, left side of previous. View and download shimano nexus inter8 dealers manual online. The motor of this model electric bicycle is located in the middle and provides direct pedal assistance adapted to your rotation. Tthe nexus 8speed system delivers a new level of design, quality and function. Summary of contents for shimano nexus page 1 si7bf0b service instructions.

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