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An elevator maintenance contract with any service provider generally covers the following aspects. Inspect visible components such as leveling devices, guide rails, and rollers. Implementation of this criterion satisfies doe order 430. Elevator preventative maintenance service contract national. Preventive maintenance keeps elevators operating at their best, helps avoid major replacements and prolongs the valuable life of your elevators. This supplement provides the reader with detailed information on elevator emergency operation and signaling devices. The walls of the elevator hoistway can be constructed of wood, poured concrete or concrete block. Basic maintenance includes checking the elevator s condition and scheduled maintenance tasks based on the recommendations of the manufacturer and local legislation. It is a systematic process of inspection which includes finding, diagnosing, and fixing problems before they cause machine breakdown, malfunction, or shutdown. Guidelines on operation and maintenance manuals for liftescalator. The elevator is designed with two 2 halves of similar weights for good balance and easier opening and closing. The cylinder and guide rails are mounted to the wall with steel brackets. After arraying the rails, number the corresponding joints with paint. If you need to open the leg for inspection, cleaning, maintenance or observation, the electric power to the motor driving the leg must be locked out in such a manner that it cannot be restarted by anyone.

Symmetry lula elevators are designed to comply with asme a17. The elevator drive machine and elevator controller shall be in the same code approved machine room. The bucket elevator must not be operated unless all covers andor guards for the leg and drive unit are in place. Request for proposals elevator maintenancerepair contractor. Page 8 of 64 guide rails until the deviation between joints is minimized. The variable traveling speed elevator system is applicable to elevators with a rated speed of 1. Owners guide 1 elevators operating and safety features hall controls and displays typical locations of hall controls hall position indicator this fixture, usually used in the main lobby of multiple elevator installations, serves to alert waiting passengers to the location and direction of travel of the elevator cars in the hoistways. Written maintenance control program form h200r, page 2. Minimum preventive maintenance frequency visits shall be weekly for gearless equipment, semimonthly for geared equipment, monthly for hydraulic equipment. The manual can be the reference for designing the elevator control system by using the iastar inverters. Passenger elevators machineroomless system seriesipap.

The purpose of this manual is to advise and instruct owners of silversweet elevators and accessories in the recommended installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment. Download elevator maintenance manual book pdf epub mobi tuebl. Purchase the elevator maintenance manual and field handbook together and save regular price. We have created this by using so much knowledge and our experiences. Ecomod 3000 combplate maintenance maintenance manual page number safety precautions 6 preventative maintenance guidelines 14 basic maintenance schedule 21. This mcp is accessible to elevator personnel and documents compliance with section 8. Elevator a car, cage, or platform raised or lowered vertically in permanent guides or rails, including the necessary operating mechanism, used to.

Within the sector, maintenance requirements will differ. Elevators maintenance manual pdf ricky tech is the important otis elev a tors delhi. It will discuss primarily around the above topic coupled with further information associated with it. Maintenance, inspection, and testing of electric and. The qualified firms will assist, as independent contractors, the mrra with elevator management, maintenance, and repairs to the three elevators in operation at this time. Maintenance shall include monthly preventive maintenance, repair and replacement. Elevator modernization and maintenance, one 1 service elevator device no. This document contains standards for a fully accredited elevator escalator apprenticeship program. Low maintenance costs saves tens of thousands spent over an elevator s 25year.

Choosing the right elevator maintenance plan is critical to keeping your tenants happy and your building operating smooth and efficiently. Module 10 final exam elevator preventive maintenance. General guide to maintenance every visit see the person responsible within building. The log book must be in each elevator machine room no later than one month after the award of the contract. Elevator maintenance control program a simple guide. Aug 21, 2019 an elevator maintenance control program mcp is a document created for each elevator that lists schedules and tasks for elevator service, examinations, and tests.

What causes the counterweight runby clearance to be less than the minimum required. All lula elevators are limited by speed, travel and capacity in order to comply with applicable code. This document addresses the requirements of lir 2300501ref 10. Pdf manual elevator maintenance and operations manual. A daily preventative maintenanceinspection should be performed prior to use or as part of a routine maintenance schedule. For the purposes of this guide, the term elevator refers not only to elevators but to any other moving walkway, chair lift, escalator, or other unit covered by the subject contracts each is otherwise known as a conveyance as defined in county code.

The enclosed elevator maintenance document k40700198 solenoid brake system maintenance manual for geared machine w125w140w163w200w250 contains equipment specific procedures, intervals for inspections and maintenance procedures that must be followed to help assure the continued safe operation of the equipment. Maintenance inside the car inspect the elevator s interior for damage to the handrails, ceiling and walls inspect the indicator lights and replaced burned out lights operate the elevator going both up and down, then inspect the deceleration, acceleration and leveling accuracy. Limited uselimited application elevator design guide. These risks include liability issues, financial exposure and tenant dissatisfaction. Dual control elevator an elevator capable of operation either by an authorized operator in the car or automatically by electric buttons or switches. This module will cover safety as it pertains specifically to preventive maintenance of transit elevators. This musthave manual has now been updated with references to acceptance and periodic tests of elevators through the asme a17. An overview of requirements for maintenance of elevators at bureau of. In order to ensure the elevator operates safely, maintenance is required. Passenger elevators and automatic operation freight elevators shall be provided with an emergency alarm system, operable from within the car, which will provide effective means for summoning assistance at all hours in case of emergency. Extracts from asme elevator code and handbook editors note. An indepth guide, designed for the service technician, covering elevator maintenance programs and practices as related to electric and hydraulic elevators.

Maintenance records for this elevator equipment document compliance with section 8. The wall behind the cylinder and guide rails must be load bearing and able to withstand the loads imposed by the elevator. An elevator machine room shall be provided for each individual elevator or group of elevators. Please note that this guide is for planning purposes only, applies. Above is operation of a manual valve shall permit the car to to elevators section 4. Maintenance, inspection, and testing of electric and hydraulic. The safety procedures apply to all persons working on elevator, escalator, moving walk, material lift and dumbwaiter equipment directly employed by elevator companies, inspection companies and ahjs who qualify with proper training. The introduction manual describes installation,handling,function constants setting, maintenance and trouble processing of the iastar inverters.

Per code requirements, the instructions are permanently legible with characters at least 3mm in height. A quality elevator maintenance program is designed to minimize risk for the elevator owner. As of 2007, 25 states have adopted formal elevator and escalator maintenance licensing requirements. For the long and safe operation, elevators need proper maintenance and inspection. Jul 12, 2018 schindler elevator 3300 owners manual this schindler elevator 3300 owners manual pdf start with intro, brief session up until the indexglossary page, read the table of content for additional information, when presented. Your contact to elevator company about maintenance will make us appreciated. This indepth guide, designed for the service technician, covers elevator maintenance programs and practices as related to electric and hydraulic elevators. It is engaged in the business of maintenance of lift services with elevator maintenance manual pdf. Jan 22, 2021 elevator maintenance is performed by elevator service technicians to keep elevator systems safe and running. Elevators are equipped with a latch and latch lock combination. National gallery of canada elevator preventative maintenance specification page 1 june 2017 initials. Costeffective, capable hydraulics get the job done, whether you are moving a few or even thousands of people each day. Elevator maintenance checklist colorado elevator solutions. The number in the paragraph column corresponds with the.

Instructions for locating the maintenance records and for viewing records onsite are posted on the controller or at the means necessary for test. Passenger elevator installation manual suzhou asia fuji elevator co. You have purchased a product which has been manufactured with utmost care, the finest materials, and many years of engineering knowhow. The most of customer have been complete trust in elevator company through long and stable manufacture and maintenance. This quick guide will help you perform an internal elevator audit. A guarded operating latch and an extra handle at the rear of the elevator allow for easier, safer operation.

This manual is used as a guide of maintenance and operation of toshiba passenger elevator spaceluni, and elcosmo. This chapter is not intended as a guide or instruction manual for performing elevator maintenance. Aug 28, 2019 elevators maintenance manual pdf ricky tech is the important otis elev a tors delhi. Dec 14, 2018 elevator maintenance audits improve reliability and reduce cost. Clean the accepted main guide and counterweight guide and array the rails according to the mortisetenon order. In the following table, the hyperlinked text shows the page numbers in the relevant manual. Elevator and escalator maintenance training guidelines standards. Maintenance inside the car inspect the elevators interior for damage to the handrails, ceiling and walls inspect the indicator lights and replaced burned out lights operate the elevator going both up and down, then inspect the deceleration, acceleration and leveling accuracy. All elevator industry employees should familiarize themselves with the contents of this handbook. An mcp is designed to prevent elevator failure, maximize reliability, and improve safety. Conducting an elevator maintenance audit is a great way to plan and track toward improved elevator reliability.

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