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I am hearning very often from contax g, g1, g2, 645, and contax slr camera owners of the need for repairs to their cameras. Shooting with the contax g2 is an enjoyable experience. Yashica contax g2 repair manual lindemanns buchhandlung. I have recently purchased the contax rx, nice camera but am looking for the user manual. Recently, i wrote about my 35mm favorite film system, the contax g. Ian and warren are presented with the contax g2, one of the sexiest rangefinders in existence.

Or you want to be a juergen teller,well, get the g2. While canon and nikon got their act together and successfully transitioned to digital while increasing market share, the engineers at kyocera blew it big time. Werkseigene reparaturanleitung in englischer sprache. They were the official usa repair center for kyocera contax until kyocera ended support for the cameras and they still have all the remaining parts, calibration tools, etc. Aparently they mended this on the nslr by making it obviously incompatible. The contax g camera line consists of two cameras, the g1 and g2, interchangeablelens cameras sold by kyocera under the contax brand in competition with the leica m7, cosina voigtlander bessar, and konica hexar rf. Jump to g1 vs g2 the g2 addresses some of the criticisms of the g1, especially with regard to its focusing system. This runs in direct opposition to what nearly everyone claims, that the g2 is the better of the two without question. The zeiss ikon contax camera repair website services for. The german service partner, tritec, still offers to service contax bodies. In 2005, kyocera retreated from the camera business and announced it would cease all activity related to the. Aug 02, 2019 this is something that a professional manua, repair shop will be about to fix for you. Apr 23, 2016 of course i could shoot the contax g2 in full manual, but when you have the options of automated everything i found myself ultimately getting lazy, and shooting it as i would a digital camera. I have now had 2 of these that have broken in the last 6 years.

Contax kyocera service manuals learn camera repair. Its a much more complicated machine and its engineering is nothing less than what i would expect from. Contax professional motor drive w6 contax motor drive system rts professional contax g2 contax ax. The contax 9 service and assembly manuals can be viewed andor downloaded from these links. Download contax g2 repair manual learn camera repair. The lens came off and back on, but not as easy as it should. Contax ii cameras today range from rusting, unusable pieces of junk to very clean examples.

Autofocus, automatic filming, you just need to press the shutter. Additional l y i am unable to repair at the moment any rts3 with viewfinder backlight issues or power issues due to the lack of dcdc converter spares. This camera manual library is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. View online or download contax g2 instruction manual. Contax g2 manuals and user guides, digital camera manuals. The manual focus wheel was moved from the top deck to the front, to about the same position as where the focusing wheel was located on classic dresden and stuttgart contax rangefinders. There are also frequently asked questions, a product rating and feedback from users to enable you to optimally use your product. View and download contax g2 instruction manual online. Feb 16, 2021 i am hearning very often from contax g, g1, g2, 645, and contax slr camera owners of the need for repairs to their cameras. The g2 represents one of the the final, grandiose products of the contax name, as well as the fatal hubris of kyocera and the decline and destruction of kyoceras photographic division. Butkus library of camera instruction manuals where film camera instruction manuals have been found for free since 1997. Get the best deals on manuals and guides for contax camera when you shop the largest online. Rts, rts2, t, t2, t3, g1, g2, tvs, tvs2, tvs3, ax, aria, 645, n1, due to the complete lack of spares worldwide.

For the germanmade contax rangefinder cameras, see the zeissikon section. Many nice cameras had a trip to the contax service department, because of their owners using standard cable releases. We provide free online pdf manuals for digital and film cameras. User guide for contax camera, free instruction manual. Contax g1 camera is a 35mm titanium autofocus electronic. All repairs undertaken using original factory service manuals and techniques.

Apr 24, 2019 this opinion isnt completely wild, the g1 is known to be a great camera. The g2 also has two af modes continuous, which constantly adjusts. After obtaining a g2 repair manual, i was able to fix the problem. One of the joys of shooting film is in my opinion the manual interaction with the equipment so i now find myself with another leica. The modern, smooth, autofocus contax g2 system is significantly more advanced and refined than the 1950sbased manual focus leica system of today. Contax tla 30 instruction manual multilanguage original. New search contax g1 you can try also to search for. Whats the latest state of repair options for contax g2. The contax g2 raised the standard for rangefinder cameras with a 4 fps integrated motor drive, top shutter speeds of up to 16000, x sync at 1200 second and an extended baseline autofocus system. The exposure meter works perfectly at this halfway setting. Contax g2 body black wbody cap contax g2 instruction manual endeufrsp contax neck strap 28mm f2. Contax g2 instruction manual pdf download manualslib.

It appears that the auto focus may possibly still be working. Database contains 2 contax g2 manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. You can see a contax 3a in the background, its a bit smaller and the engineering is great for a camera that was designed in the 2nd half of the war. The contax g2 is specially equipped with a manual focus dial, which is very useful for street photography. I am unable to repair any of the following cameras. Click here to go to main camera manual site right click on link below, choose save target as save to folder of your choice. It shot at up to 2 fps and cannot use the newer 35mm or 21mm lenses unless modified. The successor to the g1, the contax g2, has improved autofocus performance and a series of new features and ergonomic enhancements. Dec, 2018 it can be said that film rangefinder technology culminated in 1996 with the release of the engineering marvel that is the contax g2. But it does get a little more controversial when i specify that im particularly targeting its younger brother, the contax g2.

For the contax g system, i will leave others such as ken rockwell, wikipedia, and camerapedia and the like to fill you in on the history. Some will be able to afford both and more power to them but frankly it is a bit repetitive to own both. However, by 2002 the companys film camera products were declining in sales, and its newer digital camera products failed to make serious inroads into the digital. There is a section where i debated the merits between the g1 and the g2 and spoke of the virtues of both. The contax ii was the second in the series of contax cameras.

It was on the camera, and the camera mount looks ok, nothing obvious. Manuals and guides for contax camera for sale ebay. Aug 25, 2007 i purchased a contax g2 manual from dave dryden, po box 40 ballwin, mo 6302240. User manuals, guides and specifications for your contax g2 digital camera. Contax g2 instruction manual, user manual, free pdf manual. Jan 19, 2018 the contax g2 is like no other rangefinder on earth. Initially, i bought the g1 because it was good value compared to the g2 and just about any film camera spec wise. In the mid90s came their contax g1 with outstanding lenses and a little later the g2, both fully manual or automatic, the first zoom lens to a rf camera, lenses from 16 mm to 90 mm. This that it fits to begin with is a really odd feature of the contax slrs mmmount and the contax g. May 27, 2019 contax repairs temporary site im julian abel, ex service manager for contax yashica uk and ex nikon official service centre technician. Below you can view and download the pdf manual for free. In fact, its technological ethos employs certain tricks that are outright heresy to diehard fans of the classic rangefinder.

Otherwise, it works perfectly in 95% of situations. Ive over 30 years experience repairing professional photographic equipment from contax, nikon, mamiya, hasselblad etc but these days i concentrate purely on the brilliant mechanical cameras from contax. The shutter dial had loosened just enough to rotate 180 degrees i think from. If this is not the manual you want, please contact us. Additional l y i am unable to repair at the moment any rts3 with viewfinder backlight issues or power issues due to. Contina guide contax rts cantina contax rts ii contax g1 contax g1 focusing hints contax rts iii. Parts for this camera are hard to find so you will want to have an experienced contax repair company to repair your camera, like tocad. Set it on manual, and try to cycle through various shutter speeds. Contax 7 ma quartz contax 159 mm contax 9 quartz contax 159 winder w7 contax 9 winder ii contax t contax t vs. From the bunch of lenses made for the contax g series cameras, you can use all of the lenses in both the g1 and the g2, except for the 3570mm f3.

Contax photography repair questions, solutions and tips. Just came across this thread and wanted to let you know that im pretty sure you could buy a pdf of the g2 repair manual from nippon photo clinic. Contax g2 film camera w 3 carl zeiss lenses, 35mm, 45mm and 90mm excellent cond 5 out of 5 stars 47 47 product ratings contax g2 film camera w 3 carl. Switching between fully automatic to fully manual, or perhaps shooting in manual exposure and autofocus or vice versa is a matter of adjusting one or two settings. Contax g2 instruction manual reprint english french german spanish. With the cost of the contax g2 these days, i believe you need to pick between leica and contax. Recently, i picked up a contax ii in what i consider poor condition. The contax 9 service manual gives a comprehensive list of possible causes of various symptoms and i suggest you refer to that if the cause of your problem isnt obvious. Many considered the prewar contax the professional 35mm camera, while the leica was for amateurs.

The repair situation in the usa is now very difficult as many repair shops have been forced to distoninue repair service due to the lack of repair parts. Contax g2 film camera w 3 carl zeiss lenses, 35mm, 45mm and 90mm excellent cond 5 out of 5 stars 47 47 product ratings contax g2 film camera w 3 carl zeiss lenses, 35mm, 45mm and 90mm excellent cond. Aug 20, 2016 zonefocusing with the contax g2 is somewhat more fiddly but still possible. Contax 7 md, 9, 167 mt, 645, aria, g, i, n, rts, sl, t, tvs, u. Get the best deals on manuals and guides for contax camera when. Product details contax g2 repair manual contax kyocera. The g1 was introduced in 1994 with the g2 joining it in 1996.

The zeiss contax was arguably the best 35mm rangefinder made before wwii, with a larger range of faster and sharper lenses than leica. Please support this site with a paypal donation by. Using a vertically traveling shutter and worldclass interchangeable lenses, it was quite a formidable opponent to the leica. Apr 15, 2018 the contax 2 contax 3 were both succeeded by the contax 2a contax 3a in the early 50s. Hi all, my g2 took a spill and the lens rim was dentedbent, glass looks ok, but the aperture ring doesnt turn nor the manual focus ring. Notice regarding the discontinuation of aftersales service for cameras and digital cameras. The size and weight of the system makes it ideal for travel or simply wandering about the neighborhood. The zeiss ikon contax camera repair website template. Posted 111905 the next page contains information on this camera. This repair manual provides technical information concerning the product mechanisms, maintenance and repair of contax g2. This is the most advanced film camera i have used and it is a pleasure to use it.

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