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Creating formatted reports using bex report designer sap. Jul 09, 2015 when there is a need to implement conditions or set filters on key figures in sap businessobjects design studio dashboards, it becomes a challenge to achieve this directly in the application. Implement the sap interface xtract is with the components table and. Sap bex analyzer and query designer the complete guide ebook. Aug 12, 2009 the bex query designer is the main tool for designing queries and generating data to analyze with an infoprovider i. Sep 27, 20 most of us bw user would say that the query designer is also a frontend client because it comes with the frontend installation. Details for creating a new query or editing an existing query will be covered in other documents. You can analyze the infoprovider data by navigating in the queries. Step by step procedure of creating workbook using bex. Deltaq for the integration between sap erp sap for retail, sap bw and ms sql. This document is intended to get you started quickly with.

These tools include query, reporting, and analysis functions. Currency translation in bex sap netweaver business. Sap bex quick guide sap business explorer sap bex provides you the set of. Mar 11, 2021 the business explorer bex is a component of sap bi that provides flexible reporting and analysis tools that we can use for strategic analysis and supporting the decisionmaking process in an organization. The query designer is a desktop application for creating queries, and plays an important role in the business explorer suite.

By default, keyfigures are always displayed in a report as part of a structure. Sap bex query designer how to create a simple query. Expose cds views to sap bw bex query designer sap blogs. Variables are parameters of a query that you defined in the query designer and that are filled with values when you execute the query or web application. A query is displayed with bex web in the predefined initial view in the sap enterprise portal portal or in bex analyzer. All hana calculation views and analytic views are exposed in the query designer info provider view. Mar 25, 2021 sap bi business intelligence is a leading data warehousing and reporting tool. From within bex analyzer, click on tools and select query designer from the bex toolbar, or if you wish to modify the currently opened query, click on change query and select change query global definition. Sap bw consultant contract in greece and remote next ventures. Using sap netweaver bw on sap hana you can generate a bex query snapshot which can be access by sap businessobjects bi. This book is a complete sap bw bex analyzer and query designer training course and has been written with sap endusers and consultants in mind. In bex analyzer, you can analyze and plan with selected infoprovider data using the context menu or drag and drop to navigate in queries created in bex query designer.

The query component lets users extract sap erp queries. The bex query designer can be used to analyze the data in infoproviders. Sap puts the query designer to the bw backend because it is a tool that models data for reporting purposes. You can access the bex query designer to define queries. At the top, you have the presentation layer that is used to publish the objects that are created using sap business explorer. Excel pivottables enables access and analyze sap netweaver bi data. The bex query designer is the main tool for designing queries and generating data to analyze with an infoprovider i. Studiosap bw reporting and analysisapplied sap bi 7.

Sap businessobjects bi portfolio right tool for the. Select the cell in the worksheet here it is b2 at which you want to start your query embedding. When you open a query and insert it into a workbook, the query is calculated and the view initial view of the data established in the query designer is displayed. To delete a field displayed in the design area, select the field and choose delete field in the context. You can access the sap documentation on the bex analyzer by going to the application help option. Hence country, store name characteristics are used as rows and kf selections april sales, may sales are used as columns in the report. Dec 11, 20 screenshot of the corresponding query in bex query designer fig. With the bex query designer you can analyze the bi content by combining characteristics and key figures along with other query elements. Feb 10, 2016 in this blog, i would like to introduce an approach by which you can consume cds views in bw bex query designer.

To implement this functionality in our sap businessobjects design studio dashboards, we require the help of sap business explorer bex. You can also call up the bex query designer from the following components. This document is intended to get you started quickly with bex. Once you open the query browser, you will find the available cds views. The bex query designer provides the following functions. Log on the bex analyzer with your user id and execute your query in the query result, drill down by division. An introduction to sap business one cloud free ebooks in the. Offerings from sap include the portfolio of sap businessobjects analytics solutions. A query definition therefore can therefore serve as the basis for many different evaluations. Cell definition is a useful functionality of bex query designer which helps us to uniquely define each cell that is present at the intersection of two structures.

Bex query infoproviders universe sql sap netweaver bw powered by sap hana. In addition to the semantic layer of sap businessobjects universes, it is also possible to access sap bex queries directly as a data source. Designer has transitioned to the bw modeling tools query designer. Business explorer sap bex reporting basics in this excerpt from the book sap bex tools. Sap bex query analyzer reporting variables slideshow. Here you need to be cautious while putting a description as just by looking at it one should able to figure out which time ref.

The bex portfolio links to a generally accessible km folder under documents. How to use percentage functions in bex query designer sap blogs. Sap businessobjects bi portfolio create analyst consumer designer it analysis office analysis olap lumira explorer predictive analysis. The tools icon launches bex query designer to create a new query or edit an existing qu ery. It is a complete product which provides different reporting procedures and an analysis tool to run queries and reports with sap netweaver bi system. Now, go to the addins tab and click over insert analysis grid icon. In this chapter, we will discuss what a query designer is and understand its functions. How to use percentage functions in bex query designer. This is the design and analysis tool of business explorer and is based on microsoft excel. Jan 27, 2012 provide details of your info area, infocube, query,click on save and generate. Sap business explorer bex and sap bi reporting basics.

The bw environment and queries are separate from sap. By selecting and combining infoobjects characteristics and key figures or reusable query elements such as structures in a query, you determine the way in which you navigate through and evaluate the data in the selected infoprovider. Bex analyzer bex web application designer crystal reports crystal reports 8. Just look for the 2h infoareas that expose your hana repository package structure in the infoprovider tree with all hana information models as shown in the screen shot above not only for hana live. Whether your current job title is functional consultant, financial reporting analyst, bwbi consultant, business consultant, project manager or something entirely different, if you are responsible or. Sap businessobjects web intelligence sap webi cubeserv. Analyzer, bex broadcaster, and bex web application designer schedule, monitor. The following figure shows the fiori launchpad of a s4 hana system. Apply to architect, bi architect, sap consultant and more.

You can parameterize the queries by using variables for characteristic values, hierarchies, hierarchy nodes, texts, or formulas. The cursor must be in the result area of the table for the tools icon to be highlighted. You can use the queries that you define in the query designer for olap reporting and also for. Query designer acts as the bridge between sap bw infoproviders and. The query designer lets a business user take advantage of online analytical processing olap features such as. In this step, the standard bex template delivered by sap is changed to work for all other queries output in the new template format. Step by step guide on how to use cell definition in bex query. The following enhancements have been made in bex query designer. Bex analyzer is an analytical, reporting and design tool embedded in microsoft excel. Ppt bex query designer powerpoint presentation free to. Arranging fields query fields, text elements, or custom texts differently or deleting them. As this will only be identifier in query designer bex. Cr addons for sap features the bex query designer contains the following functions.

Hi all, i have made an attempt to explain some of the data functions. Insert a query from bex query designer into a workbook. It is used for designing the interface for query applications. The bex analyzer provides an option for excel integration and you can analyze selected infoprovider data and use it for planning by navigating in queries created in a bex query designer. Step by step procedure of creating workbook using bex analyzer. Claudine lam from business analytics services demonstrates how to create a structure within sap business explorer bex query designer. By selecting the only values in the infoprovider option in the filter value selection during query execution section of the characteristic properties, you. To move a field displayed in the design area within the report, select it and drag it to the required cell. Creating conditions in query design lesson objectives after completing this lesson, you will be able to. The query designer lets a business user take advantage of. Visible tab pages are exchange rate, source currency, target currency, time. Oct 07, 2012 when you refresh the lov in sap businessobjects, the system retrieves sap netweaver bw values from master data tables or infoproviders, depending on the setting in the bex query designer. Developing workbooks with bex analyzer design mode 119. Working with bex conditions in sap businessobjects design studio.

Sap businessobjects analysis is the tool that is used for query execution. You can use the queries that you define in the bex query designer for olap reporting and for enterprise reporting. You can perform the following tasks in the analysis mode. The queries created can be displayed as data providers for web applications, reports, and workbooks and can be displayed ad hoc in the bex web analyzer. Hence, this feature becomes enabled in query designer only when we are using two structures in the report. Bex analyzer, bex broadcaster, and bex web application designer. Reporting options outlining reporting options for sap bw.

In order to better understand olap features, it is recommended to play arround with the delivered sample queries in transaction rsfc how to use rsfc, see kba. Working with bex conditions in sap businessobjects design. He has excellent knowledge of sap bw spanning areas like design and modeling of data warehouse, data staging and extraction, reporting and analysis including setting up bi executive cockpits and dashboards using bex web application designer. Create conditions in bex query designer configure conditions and characteristic assignments. Create an exception in bex query designer configure the status of exception values apply exception definition options lesson 2. Seamless integration of sap and sql server the real. Sap businessobjects bi portfolio right tool for the right job. Sap business explorer bex, sap crystal reports, sap.

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